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About Our Company

Established in 2012 and Epitome’s best-in-class service has made it one of the leading providers of conferencing and virtual events in India. Delivering enterprise-level conferencing services to businesses of all sizes, Epitome is dedicated to helping its customers’ meet the needs they have today and innovating to meet the needs they will have tomorrow. It has marked an exponential growth Y-O-Y from the past 5 years.

Its range of offering includes next generation video compression and streaming technology, encoding/decoding/transcoding technology across a wide range of focused industry verticals. The company focuses on its industry growth strategy by having a strong partner network to connect with the potential users globally.

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Siddharth Bera

Founder & Visionary Technocrat

Epitome Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

"Epitome is committed for bridging the gap via online virtual communication technology for masses. All our products are most reliable and unique for all industry’s segments. The services are unique as it never requires a dedicated setup, additional infrastructure and bandwidth. The cloud communication platform can save a huge amount on travel with cost effective budget. Also Go Live with single click on multiple platform.”

Why Epitome ?

Essential Elements Of Collaboration with Epitome

PEOPLE Inside my organization Dispersed, mobile teams
COMMUNITIES Hierarchy Self-Organizing
CONTENT Documents, text Video & Interactive media
CONTEXT Manual Information Finds you
SECURITY Inside the Firewall Inclusive & Policy based
DEPLOYEMENT On Premises On Cloud, Hybrid


Increased Efficiency

Increased safety and security

Reduction in Travel Expense

Decreased truancy and related cost.


Reduced manual operation

Increased testing and learning results

Increased effectiveness


Increased access to data

Attract and retain new talent

Creation of new revenue stream.

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