High Definition Stream Video.

High Definition for your stream video and broad market definition for your business is a great combination to get you enormous profits. With the changing customer preferences, mode of communication, customer availability and market insights, Epitome Solutions have come up with an extremely new technology. Scalable audiences, High definition videos, various options for using the Epitome Solutions Video Platform are some of its key benefits.
Your viewers can experience Live in real terms with the least latency Epitome Solutions is offering in a stream video. If you wish to change your video settings in stream video such as video size, video title, some visual effects, you can do so with flexible encoder options. If you are a company with a broader perspective, you can suit yourself with an Epitome Solutions Live Web Channel to stream videos of your company.

Streaming Media
Worried about buffering and jitters?
Well, ES has shortened routes, high network capacity that enable to stream videos in a way which is as good as downloading a video and watching it. ES also provides a Pay-per-View playlist option through which only those whom you want to segment a video can have access and not all. Not only on a PC or Laptop, one can also view the streamed or streaming Videos through their smartphones, android and tablets.

Wish to interact?
ES is there at every step to bring innovation in its technology. It has the integrated chatting and file sharing systems through which you can also handle internal communication like seminars, trainings, company discussions and meetings. ES Live Video Streaming is the best and cost effective way of reaching millions of people/customers online, where they are mostly active. You can stream videosof your company’s promotions without incurring any branding or marketing costs! Get Free Demo Service 

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