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Many men and women lose a lot of sleep over having to miss the important events in their families because of work, especially when that work involves travel. With live webcasting Ahmedabad you won’t have to. Look at it as if it is live TV that is not limited to any programmers idea of your life and times.


You will not some big studio struck and men running around with large cameras to stream that one day only recital straight to mom or dad that couldn’t make it. Best of all they can join the fun from their laptop, PC or mobile device. As long as the device has audio/visual capability it can receive live streaming.

All you will need to start broadcasting is webcam or a digital recorder that can connect to the Internet, oh and the best live streaming video software like the kind you can find at Epitome Solutions. Stream live from anywhere, with linear broadcasting, this means that the audience will the same content all at the same time. Files are automatically saved so that you can view the footage again and again.


This last option is great for people who use live webcasting Ahmedabad and Epitome Solutions to host seminars or sales presentations. There is money to be made by having people pay to attend the live broadcast. They can be allowed to review it forever or for a specific time period. With video on demand you can also have the video as pay per view platform. As you create more webcasts you will begin to amass a gallery or library of videos. This is also good for business since it gives you participants the ability to choose which ones they want to view.

Get 100% Free Live Webcasting Demo Service

Epitome Solutions has developed software that allows people with low bandwidths to produce quality broadcast without the need for constant buffering. They have a simple yet flexible solution that looks at streaming as a service and is set up to be user friendly. With their professional grade tools and utilities clients get tot use cloud computing that streams their broadcast from a content delivery network that reaches around the world. you stream video directly to your sponsored website or an ESTV channel page and can be access by thousands.


Live webcasting in Ahmedabad using Epitome Solutions has now gone completely mobile. Potential viewers can view the webcast on the go with any SmartPhone. What frightens most people about using a new medium is that they fear the technical aspects of it. They fear added expense in the form of expensive hardware. This fear is laid to rest because all you need to do is sign up and download some software.


Live webcasting is where the future becomes today, Epitome solutions takes your webcast from low bandwidth areas and broadcast them in real time all over the world, thus keeping your finger on the pulse of business, learning and life. Check out what is offered and see how the company can help you get to where you want to be.

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