Quality education is improving via virtual classroom in Hyderabad

virtual classroom in Hyderabad
virtual classroom in Hyderabad

Education is very important in building up a society. Education teaches us values, morals and duties amongst many other things. The common subjects like English, Vernacular Languages, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Commerce etc are also a part of the education curriculum in the recent times.

The education system in India has gone through metamorphosis many times to reach the place where it is today. What started out with as a privilege to selected individuals is now a civil right. Classes were once taken in open grounds, under a tree, verbally, where a single teacher imparted knowledge on classical topics only. Now virtual classroom and smart classes have come into existence, in every parts of the country, especially Hyderabad, thanks to Epitome Solutions.

In a virtual classroom, online real time live video streaming occurs. Thus even if and when the teacher is not present in the class in person, he or she can still teach the students and act interactively through the virtual classroom system.

Epitome Solutions promise for a brighter future. They provide the opportunity to facilitate the installation and use of virtual classrooms even in some of the remotest part of the country. This is all being possible because of the live streaming of video at lower bandwidth, promoting the organisation’s motto Save Bandwidth.

The efficiency of the system is not hindered because of the low bandwidth. The quality of live video streaming also remains pretty high. Because of the lower band width used, the cost of these live video streaming is also low. So this can be used even by the small scale institutions that cannot make a big investment towards modernisation of the education system.

Virtual classrooms and smart classes are the future of the education system, and they are bound to prosper, thanks to Epitome Solutions.