Ability to Video Stream is Vital to Modern Businesses.

The ability to video stream with high-quality results is essential for any business no matter what the size of the business. Most modern businesses today need the capability to conduct live webinars, hold virtual conferences, and even maintain a WebCast. Epitome Solutions provides this service to all their clients no matter the size of the business at a very affordable cost. The use of a lower bandwidth provides clients with the capabilities they need to operate VOD that is high quality. The technique used can be received around the world on PC’s, laptops, and mobile phones.


The ability to use video stream with any production is provided by Epitome Solutions services from the start of a business project to the completion of the project. The services provided by the experts at ES Solutions include consulting, strategy, design, and development so that the project you have in mind will be completed in the shortest amount of time. The useful techniques and tools provided make the vision you have for a project a reality that you can be proud to introduce to your customers and/or employees.

Video On Demand

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A video stream is essential to maintain the attention of the audience. There are numerous amounts of devices used by people to pick up a video production and it is very important that what is produced can be seen on whatever device the viewer is using. The speed in which a viewer picks up the production may vary along with the size of the screen. ES Solutions uses the best optimal viewing platform that will accommodate the different screens and viewing speeds. It is important for the content owner to navigate any complexity, easily uploading, managing, and delivering online video viewing for desktops, mobile and connected devices no matter what the speed of receivable of the video stream.


The software program used by Epitome Solutions gives their clients the best resources when it comes to creating live webcasts. The client no longer needs to worry about hassle or fuzzy live webcasts. The video stream is done on low bandwidth that leads to better quality videos. The live stream is part of the program that is offered by ES as they have many other features to help their clients get the best in communications. The use of a low bandwidth helps to provide a cost effective video stream process, which helps the customers to produce as many webcasts they need because Epitome Solutions is webcasting on their system.

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