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Video-on-Demand (VOD) / On-demand Streaming

Our Technology is often used to bring video on demand services to Client Portal and view them later. Epitome presents a product for smaller to expert video on demand service provider who are looking to stay competitive in today’s ever-growing market.

Gone are the days when one had to wait for the event to be over and recorded. One can watch it live as it happens and Epitome immediately brings you that power in your hand with video on demand service provider. Epitome effectively tries to remove the barrier communication by bringing in its ‘Live Stream’ Product on the table as a video on demand services.

Usually video on demand services buffer the content and then transmit to you. But Epitome’s video compression technology as a video on demand service provider don’t buffer the videos for a long time.

Video on demand services is entirely unique in its ability to deliver the personalization subscribers crave that is strategic and valuable to everyone. The webcasts include a myriad of subjects, including material that was originally carried live.

Epitome’s Live + Video On Demand services (VOD) package that delivers reliable and scalable Live+ VOD without the traditionally high start-up costs and through our world class delivery network.

  • No wait for buffering of videos. Video starts playing instantly.
  • User based restriction for accessing video on demand services. For Eg single user can access the account.
  • Option to play video from any of its point on the timeline.
  • Dedicated and fully secured video on demand service provider servers and client data.
  • No one can download or copy the content.

  • Video on Demand
    Epitome Solutions offer Professional Online Video Services start-to-finish consulting, strategy, design and development services to bring your vision to reality in the shortest time possible.
    ” In my nine years at Showtime, I’ve worked with countless companies on implementing solutions for Showtime. Epitome has hands-down been the best vendor I’ve worked with during that time.”
    Jim Mcnathan
    Sr. Director of Online Production

    The Importance of Video Hosting
    As online video continues to proliferate at a staggering rate, so do the number and different types of devices on which it can be consumed. For instance, Online Community predicts the number of Internet-connected devices in the world will have doubled to 25 billion in 2015 from 12.5 billion in 2010. With so many people watching so much online video on so many different screens, providing an optimal viewing experience is critical, not to mention increasingly complicated.

    Though they can serve many functions, the foremost purpose of most online video hosting platforms is to remove much of the complication of delivering and optimizing video for whatever device a viewer is using or their connection speed, be it a PC, smartphone, tablet or connected TV.

    An online video hosting platform enables content owners to navigate this complexity and easily upload, manage and deliver online video for viewing across desktops, mobile and connected devices. Video hosting platforms share the common goal of automating and simplifying the functions and steps required for achieving success with online video.