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Cloud Based Surveillance & Monitoring

Epitome’s cloud based surveillance and monitoring systems is easy to use, self-managed which don’t required any dedicated manpower to use and operate. Just plug in the tablet and using available internet connectivity (2G/3G/4G or Wi-Fi) you are on secured mode of Go Live. Our tiny “Epitome Encoder” app is auto start, auto connect and redundant app which start sending stream on booting of the device. Back hand services will contentiously monitor the status and in any case of internet disconnect it will start offline recording and in case of reconnect of internet it will auto start sending live stream.

Epitome’s cloud based surveillance technology eliminate the use of dedicated system(s) or a dedicated server(s) or video recording system for any business. This is the most reliable system for online monitoring from anywhere to everywhere. Cloud based surveillance system allows the user to use an easy server process and be Online in the cloud in no time, and with the security & safeguards.

This product is most suitable to sectors like Election, Examination, Shops, Malls, Streets, Traffic signals etc.

Election Polling Booth Monitoring Via Cloud Tablet

For Election there is a smart role based and administrative auto monitoring system with secured encoding app, decoding video management interface and the most secured cloud based recording and live streaming.

This application is the tiniest, low weight, auto start and auto reconnect app. This app will immediately start on the booting of device and start sending stream with capture of default camera. No man power required to operate, setup etc. Just mounting the tablet with power on will make the application run.


  • Cloud tablet with streaming app.
  • Video management portal.
  • CDN streaming cloud.
  • Cloud or local device recording.
  • Benefits of Election Polling Booth Monitoring Via Cloud Tablet

  • No Compromise. The central authority can directly monitor the polling live without any delay. 100% improvement on security and work efficiency .
  • No scope of election being disturbed.
  • No chance of discontinuation of any movement during live.
  • Avoid any malpractice in the polling booth.
  • Fully transparency in end to end process.
  • Enable the central election commission department to see each activity live whenever needed.
  • Exam Monitoring Via Cloud Tablet

    For Exam there is a smart role based and administrative auto monitoring system with secured encoding app, decoding video management interface and the most secured cloud based recording and live streaming.

  • 100% transparency in process.
  • Secured live monitoring from control room make the process easy.
  • No scope of examination being disturbed.
  • Avoid any malpractices in the examinations hall.
  • Confirm all the identity in examinations room always with proof.
  • Enable the examinations centers with central administrative real time monitoring and avoid the physical checking by authorities.
  • Features Cloud Tablet
    Cloud streaming YES
    App Fully automated steaming app which can streaming from 20 kbps to 500 kbps
    SIM Dual SIM
    Battery 3 to 4 hrs. with streaming process
    Installation 5 mints
    Connectivity 2G/3G/4G/ Wi-Fi
    Maintenance Cost Almost No
    Camera Wide Angle focus
    Manpower Almost No
    Cloud Based Yes
    Built In Storage 16 GB
    Processor Quad Core
    RAM 1 GB
    Screen Size 7 Inch ISP screen
    Weight 270g
    Costing Tablet Rental System
    Pricing Model Pure Rental model as per the usage.


  • Using the cloud based surveillance technology the transparency in election and exams are improved, accurate.
  • Delivered 5000 + live election polling booth and exams room which can be monitored from a central location.
  • All incidents such as a riots and other disturbance are easily avoided or judged.
  • Cloud based compressed recording. Recorded files are at list 20 times compressed then usual format and storage. Improved efficiency in storage also.
  • Smart Video management portal improve the efficiency to locate and find your required stations from thousands of stations. It’s a smart search and shorting methods.
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