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Live Webcast Solution

We are having a substantial expertise and conduct large-scale webcasts on corporate intranet with multiple network – LAN, WAN, VPN. This will probably use for and limited to secured links for staff, employees, CEO, board of directors etc. for town hall meetings, innovative training session, HR meet etc.

We always try to remove the barrier communication by bringing our Video Streaming and Webcast.

Key Features

  • Support for all social media platform using single channel transmission.
  • Ad Free / No Third Party Ads
  • Live Text Chat
  • Cloud Recording
  • Event and Video Archive
  • Local Publishing Server
  • Live Embedding
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Password Protect Streaming
  • White Label Player and Embeds
  • Local Recording at Broadcasting End
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming
  • Specification

  • Average bandwidth - 20 kbps to 5 mbps (up to 200 ms latency)
  • Streaming Delay - 2 Sec to 6 Sec
  • CPU Usage
    • 2 to 4% for SD quality
    • 3 to 8% for HD quality
  • Memory Utilization.
    • 20 MB for viewers , 35 MB for viewer for SD quality
    • 25 MB for viewers, 45 MB for viewers for HD quality
  • Reach to your target audience virtually:

    The webcast services that Epitome provides can be viewed on internet from anywhere, on any device like smart phone, tablets, laptop/pc using any OS. It won’t require any dedicated IT staff to setup anything. Using a browser based technology or app with a single click make you join for live.

    Live Webcast your product launch, seminar, summit on digital web and also on all mobile and handheld devices to catch worldwide target audience.

  • Conduct online digital events with limit less attendees any time.
  • Archive your events on cloud serve and re-stream for later on use.
  • Enable your social sharing account to catch all the connected user notification.
  • Efforts less reach with minimum efforts.
  • Manage your event using our Technology:

    Live webcast your product launches, conferences, seminars, and events on the web and also on leading mobile devices and reach a wide base of audience world-wide.

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