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About Epitome Corporation

Live Streaming Software for on-premise & Cloud Infrastructure

Top video streaming/webcasting provider company in India provide HD video streaming, web conferencing software on low bandwidth & existing infrastructure.

On Cloud

Our Cloud streaming service is complete one stop solution for web conference that includes infrastructure customized as per your requirement.

On Premise

Epitome is all set with the on premise offerings, customized as per the requirement of the end customer


Contact Epitome sales team for Managed live webcasting Services, for all your need of video, audio, contact sharing need.

Explore Your Virtual Communications Capabilities

Live Streaming

Stream broadcast-quality live audio and video

Video on Demand

Scale video-on-demand streaming cost-effectively

IP Camera Streaming

Easily stream live from any network IP camera


Build two-way real-time video chat applications


Get high-quality transcoding at an affordable price


Scale to any audience with built-in CDN options


Reach any device using RTMP, HLS, DASH, and WebRTC

Solution Offering

Modern marketers are expected to own more and more of the funnel. Not only are you asked to grab the industry’s attention and bring in new prospects, you’re also expected to nurture leads, educate consumers — and back it all up with hard data and performance metrics. You need a solution that will work seamlessly with your existing marketing technology stack to get leads into the system and score engagement so that the sales team can prioritize follow-up.

Build your fully branded and totally customizable webinar experience.

Most powerful tool to directly engage your customers and prospects.

Always get extended values from webinar.

A reach user experience with - BRANDING, SOCIAL MEDIA, INTERACTIVITY.

Easy access from mobile device.

Extend your reach to a larger, wider audience.

Virtually enable more meaningful audience.

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