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Epitome Corporation Pvt Ltd is a leading and pioneer of video streaming service provider in india. We are dedicated to help all the possible segments with virtual communication need on existing infracture, bandwidth and resources. We always dedicated to our users to communicate batter with profitably.


We are having the expert’s and experienced industry minds do drive this company. Our team always work to provide the customer satisfaction, research new areas of streaming and video compression technology, innovation, creativity and full of positive energy.


Our core competence lies in video compression, internet and intranet streaming, video conference. Our video compression algorithm provides the freedom for transmitting the real-time video & audio on minimum bandwidth without any buffer and jitters.

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Epitome’s cloud based streaming technology is the best way for any medium to communicate virtually. Our superior technology offers the best solutions against the need to transmitting video, audio and content online.
1. It’s a web based technology, never required heavy downloads of flash/java/.net
2. Works on any bandwidth and hardware.
All communication ports are 80 using h264 and aac codec. Always work on proxy and firewall




Used for live streaming of video, audio and content feed. Based on advance video compression algorithm encoder converts the high resolutions video-audio feed in required format and compress. Realtime time video streaming supports H264, AAC video- audio codec and RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, MMS. HLS format.


Decoder itself is a plugin that encode the data for end users. Its independent of any operating systems, Smart phone, Tablets and browsers. Its also a kind of token for smooth travel with proxy and firewall even.

Media Server

It’s a cloud based streaming servers which is scalable to unlimited concurrent users. Its uses a dual incretion technique to offer secured streaming. Its deliver live streaming to audiences of any size on any device, directly from a camera, encoder or recorded file – including a new recording and scheduling.

Bandwidth Aggregator & Transcoder:

Transcoder automatically converts the feed to required format and that’s why we support all world wide devices for live streaming. Even this can stream a recorded file, folder etc to any format. Bandwidth Aggregator can combined the bandwidth from different sources like wifi, 3G,4G, Ethernet and provide the sufficient uplink speed for streaming. This bandwidth bounding algorithm is easy to use and configured using web interface


Intranet Webcast

We are having a substantial expertise and conducted large-scale webcasts on corporate intranet with multiple network – LAN, WAN, VPN. This will probably used for and limited to secured links for staff, employees, ceo, board of directors etc for town hall meetings, innovative training session, HR meet etc.

Webcast / Streaming Media Consultancy

We are having the world best CDN and cloud network for streaming servers with dedicated bandwidth and scalable infracture. Our end to end assistance and services to setup a dedicated streaming channels for the organizations that are intended to use webcasting very frequently.

Video Conferencing

We are providing easier way for two way communication using video and audio, which needs minimum installation and High Definition Video Conference quality. This smarter way will definitely increase the productivity, easiness and save a lot of time.

Video-on-Demand (VOD) / On-demand Streaming

At a time people are unable to view a live webcast session. For them who want to review the completed sessions, Epitome hosts the video on cloud server and make it available “on-demand”. Our VOD application is fully secured with access and available on secured channels.

Meta-Data On VOD

We are enabling our customers to host the completed session’s recorded file on our server for later on view. But what if you want directly to watch some specific minutes from that long file? Epitome’s latest meta data tools make you enable to create a resource mark with specific details on web application. Using this click you to directly reach to the specific portion on the recorded file.

Presentation Streaming

Epitome make you enable to deliver your presentation online. No download plugins and don’t required to email or send your private ppt files to any one. Deliver your professional quality presentation in few simple steps from your computer, smart device and engage your audience.

Mobile Streaming

Epitome provides the effective way to stream from any smart phone. Our tiny app allow you to stream directly to our cloud server using the built in phone camera and audio. This application is the most powerful app to use resources on mobile telephony.

Cloud Based Monitoring and Surveillance

Epitome having a substantial expertise with streaming of multiple channels and monitoring on CDN. Multiple examination classrooms and election polling booths can be streamed live using app and bandwidth aggregator. Secured live monitoring only possible via secured token based web access. Thousands of examination classrooms and election polling booths are easily monitored on internet.

Virtual Class Room

Epitome having a substantial expertise with online and virtual teaching. Epitome’s virtual classroom is a online classroom that allows participants to communicate with gifted faculty on web. Also faculty can transmit realtime video,audio, presentation or content and interact with online students. Using this product faculty can reach to any where with online session and viewers can take the maximum benefits virtually.


We help our users and clients by providing appropriate solutions varying from live streaming of audio video content to Video On Demand (VOD), Video Conference service or complete Event Management in following business situations:

Corporate Communication and Finance

  • Training & Communication
  • Press Conferences/Analyst Meets/AGMs
  • Video Showcased on Website
  • Product knowledge sessions

Human Resource

  • Online Virtual Training on internet
  • Online interactive training
  • CEO address
  • Knowledge sharing

Marketing Communication

  • Digital Virtual Communications
  • Product Launches
  • Digital Virtual Archrivals
  • Interactive meetings
  • Headquarter sessions for employees

Live Darshan

  • Web TV for live darshan
  • 24 * 7 Live TV


  • Live events
  • Tradeshow live
  • CMEs

Key Features

  • Audience participation anytime, from anywhere
  • Increase productivity, save time
  • Use best god gifted people to train your entire staff with minimum efforts
  • Webinar marketing platform
  • Talent Onboarding
  • Virtual trade shows
  • Virtual training
  • Virtual Class Rooms


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