About Video on Demand

Video on Demand is a system that permits the user to select what they want to watch, when they want to watch, and how they want to watch programs provided by program providers. Epitome is a provider that has the solutions to all your webcast needs. The user no longer needs the process of using special set-top box provided by the Cable Company, satellite dish, or dial-up system. The technology provided by Epitome allows the user the highest quality technology that works with normal internet connections such as broadband, Wi Fi, and a data card.


Many people enjoy the ability to download programs at their convenience. Many of the cable companies provide their customers with Video on Demand that has free content and pay-per-view programs. In this manner, the viewer can select the most modern updated movies released or they can watch some of the regular series as shown on television. Epitome Solutions provides their client’s great video broadcasting without having to use a dedicated leased line. The ability to use the service extends to Personal Computers and cell phones. The client is able to build a premier online video web site.

The Functionality of Video on Demand


Those who use VODenjoy the ability of being able to fast forward or fast rewind any program that they are viewing. In like manner, a person is able to slow forward or slow rewind any program that they are viewing. The ability to go to any frame while viewing a show makes it easy for those who wish to repeat a scene or advance to a future scene in a movie or documentary. The executives that use this type of system found that it makes it easier for presentations.


The use of the Video on Demand to build the best video website or to monetize your existing video content is the best method that will help stream your websites content. The Content Delivery (CDN) is built for high quality user experience. The user finds that the (CDN) platform is rich in media content for any desktop computers or mobile phones. This is an asset for business to help promote the existing webpages. The VOD system helps the end user to complete setup, while it provides embedding solutions for videos on the already existing webpages.


Popularity of VOD


Since the inception of Video on Demand in 1994, the technology has advanced to a heightened demand from the public. Just about every Cable Company, satellite dish, and dial-up system offers customers the ability to use VOD. The ability to have high quality technology with low cost high definition is provided by Epitome Solutions without all of the fuss of using designated lines. Epitome’s streaming application geared to support all Operating Systems and maintain a form of low cost high definition form of video communication. This is what has given the company the advantage over all others in the field. The busy executive can now hold meetings with one person or group of people.

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