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Scale your training and events for a global audience

Delivering training and support for a global workforce can be a huge challenge. The Epitome Virtual Environment platform helps companies create engaging, interactive training solutions that provide employees the instruction and resources they need to be successful.

Scale your events and training for a global audience using Epitome’s virtual training software.

Interactive, engaging virtual experiences

Epitome Virtual Environments create an engaging user experience with interactive features, including scheduled webinars, social networking, idea storming, group discussions, application sharing, scheduled chats, peer-to-peer collaboration, blogs, and much more.

Access to experts and coaches

Using the Epitome Virtual Environment, companies can leverage their coaches’, mentors’ and subject-matter experts’ valuable knowledge and experience by making it easy for them to interact with new hires and other employees.

Design your environment

Epitome provides a visual layout editor, which enables companies to easily build and customize locations, upload content, add webcasts, and incorporate various types of interactive and networking features.

Analytics to drive employee success

Epitome Virtual Environments track all activity metrics – including attendee behavior, content access, and social networking interactions – enabling assessment of user participation, feedback, and completion rates. The Epitome platform generates reporting ranging from high-level executive summaries to detailed, individual activity reports.

Enterprise security and reliability

Built for extremely secure, reliable, and scalable applications, the Epitome virtual platform has redundant data centers, high-performance servers, and a world-class network. It also includes advanced security features such as single sign-on, SAML-based authentication, and role-based access.

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