IP Camera
If you are planning to get a surveillance camera system for your business or your home then we can offer a comprehensive and complete set of solutions for your security requirements.

  • Office Monitoring
  • School Monitoring
  • Hospital Monitoring
  • Bank Monitoring
  • Election Monitoring
  • Exam Monitoring


HD View

Live Social Sharing

Cloud Storage

Live view in Mobile app

Water Resisstent

Two Way Communication

SD Card Support

Top Materials

60 Seconds Setup

Plug in Play

Point your RTSP streams from IP cameras to Epitome Streaming Server and Streaming Cloud—no separate encoder needed.

Record the video and audio from your IP camera and archive it for later. With Epitome Streaming Server Software, easily use archived files for on-demand playback.

Control the pan/tilt/zoom functionality of certain Sony and Axis IP cameras in Streaming Server Manager.

Epitome Streaming Server Software can deliver a time-shifted viewing experience with the ability to pause, rewind, or resume live streams on any device.

Stream from multiple IP cameras at once—great for security monitoring and surveillance. Smart video management portal can short the required data and display.