Webinar Software

Webinar Programs That Impact Your Business Needs

Data-rich webinar software that brings audience interactivity and insights together to inform programs and drive audience journeys.

Create Engaging and Ongoing Journeys

Dynamically interact with audiences in real-time through a library of Epitome that engage audiences, qualify leads and accelerate their content and buying journeys. Make your webinars stand out with robust customization and design elements that are consistent across all experiences.

Turn Audience Engagement into Actionable Data

Robust analytics capture audience interest and buying readiness, as well as program and content performance. Our Engine provides personalized content recommendations to ensure informed follow up. Seamlessly integrate that intent to your CRM, marketing automation platform or other business system to inform sales, impact nurture and optimize program efficiency.

Drive Pipeline and Revenue

Epitome webinars tools can be used to boost your demand generation programs and drive more revenue and pipeline than any other channel. Identify quality leads and accelerate them through the buyer journey with behavioral and buying insights that enable personalized follow-up.

Make attendee participation the main event

Quickly create and publish multisession, live-streamed digital events that connect your attendees over video for two-way discussion, networking, and relationship-building.

Challenges & Live solution

  • Speed up your event execution with our pre-built event templates
  • An all-in-one tool that includes all the features you need
  • Simple to set up and run, either from home or from a professional studio
  • Specifically optimized for networking and two-way discussions
  • Designed to provide unified engagement data

Our Webinar Software Solutions is the best answer for these challenges

  • Building out a digital event from scratch is time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • You’re having to cobble together different software solutions
  • Producing events is complex and cumbersome
  • Your event format limits audience participation
  • You’re not generating insightful sales and engagement data from your events
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