Smart IP Camera K3

Smart IP Camera K3

Smart IP Camera K3 is A modern platform that outperforms other cloud video surveillance solutions. Using Epitome's K3 Smart IP Camera you can Eliminate the need for redundant, complex on-site hardware gateways. Connect your cameras directly to the cloud for fast and fail-safe surveillance. Its a fully automatic and PLUG & PLAY.Choose from the largest number of camera brands that offer premium integration with plug and play setup, eliminating complex network configuration.

Use our powerful mobile apps to get up and running in minutes. Auto-detect cameras, install the latest firmware, and configure the camera for the cloud.

Wifi Camera

Cloud Storage

Mobile App


FHD resolution

SD Card Support up to 128GB storage

Low Bandwidth Consumption

Plug and Play, Instant Alert

Share and download videos

H.264 compression

Cloud storage and live view

No wires or cables, 3G/4G SIM Support

DIY setup

Mobile app


Cloud monitoring for optimum security and reliability

HD streams to make every detail visible

Save 80% of your storage and bandwidth costs

Monitor your property remotely from any location on the planet

Access live streams from your desktop, mobile, and tablets

Built-in motion detection to track every intruder

4x Zoom in for a closer look at persons and objects

Compact and space-saving

Up to 130-degrees view angle for wide coverage

Technical Specification

  • Sensor Lens: 3.0 MP CMOS Sensor (Sony IMX323)
  • Resolution: 1920*1080p, 640*360p
  • Frame Rates: 1080P 30fps
  • Lens Angle: H>=120°(D>=140°) Wide angle with 30/170 degrees coverage
  • Support: 6‐4096 kbps code rate
  • Audio: 38dB microphone, Built in speaker (8Ω1W)
  • Night Vision: photosensitive resistance sensor switch, the LED lamp night vision
  • Phone Monitor: iOS and Android
  • Storage: Storage in SD card
  • Dimentions: 65mm*65mm*165mm (Length*Width*Height)
  • System: Up to Android 4.0; Up to iOS 8.0
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