Cloud based surveillance & monitoring

Epitome's cloud surveillance system technology eliminates the traditional system of - dedicated bandwidth, dedicated high end server infrastructure, dedicated large space for recording and storage for your business. This is the most reliable system for online monitoring from anywhere to everywhere

This product is most suitable to sectors like Election, Examination, Shops, Malls, Streets, Traffic signals etc.

Cloud surveillance is incredibly easy, just plug the IP Cameras, and connect it to the 3G/4G dongle internet or any Wi-Fi connection and the surveillance will be straight to the cloud. There is no special software just the web browser, Customer can use their video any time & anywhere with an ease, it's very simple and quick and most importantly their information is safe and secured.

Election Surveillance

Election Polling Booth Monitoring Via IP Cameras

We match all the specifications as per the guidelines and we are the Service Provider for Election Poll Booth Webcasting.
The solution helps in preventing any malpractice during the voting /counting/exam resulting in transparent proceedings by real time intelligent alerts generation from our cloud based analytics engine including identification of suspicious behaviours.

Install our Election Surveillance system for secure and safe polling.

Active 24X7 monitoring of polling booths, voters and management teams.

Conduct fair polls and reduce the events of malpractices at polling booths.

What we offer

FHD CCTV surveillance cameras for election

To monitor LIVE election process from a distant polling station

Capture faces of voters to vote at PS in remote viewing

Cloud Based surveillance and Live Streaming for Monitoring on portal.

Artificial Intelligence powered functionality

Real-time alarms for quick response

Post-Election Evidence Retrieval

Dashboard for Live Monitoring from command and control center

24X7 Surveillance for Fair & Transparent Election Process

  • Reduces uncertain events and civil unrest
  • Allows conducting fair elections at all polling booths
  • 24X7 security surveillance helps to track down intruders
  • Maintains law and order throughout the election campaign
  • Control the occurrence of unsocial activities during elections
  • Monitor entry and exit points to eliminate trespassing events
  • Provides complete safety and convenience to security and monitoring teams
  • Active monitoring allows collecting clues and evidence for later investigations
  • Protects the safety and security of voters inside and around the polling booths
  • Enables security teams to efficiently resolve cases if anything unexpected happens


  • Artificial Intelligence led devices for smart surveillance
  • FHD CCTV surveillance cameras for election campaigns
  • Real-time alarms to alert security authorities for quick response
  • Sequentially capture voters entering and exiting the polling booths
  • Crystal clear images and HD video for post-election evidence retrieval
  • VMS Dashboard for Live Monitoring from command-and-control center
  • Active monitoring of live election process from a distant polling station
  • Cloud based surveillance and live streaming of polling stations/ booths


  • Using the cloud based surveillance technology the transparency in elections and exams are improved, accurate.
  • Delivered 5000 + live election polling booth and exam room which can be monitored from a central location.
  • All incidents such as a riots and other disturbance are easily avoided or judged.
  • Cloud based compressed recording. Recorded files are at least 20 times compressed then usual format and storage. Improved efficiency in storage also.
  • Smart Video management portal improve the efficiency to locate and find your required station from thousand of stations. It’s a smart search and shorting methods.
Examination Surveillance
The solution helps Education Board in preventing any malpractice during the Exam resulting in transparent proceedings by real time intelligence.
Monitor Students During Examination with Epitome Surveillance. Our Exam Surveillance monitoring solutions are helping the Education Board in conducting fare examinations and preventing malpractices inside the hall. Leverage the power of robust security solutions by implementing the most powerful surveillance cameras. Ensure high-profile security in the examination center by deploying high-quality surveillance solutions, designed and delivered by Epitome. Identify suspicious behavior and take quick action to regulate best practices during the examination. Get a complete range of security surveillance CCTV cameras for small and large examination centers.

Deploy Epitome examination surveillance solutions and reduce the Flying Squad Officers costs for pro-active monitoring.

Live video monitoring of examination center to control unfair events and maintain discipline throughout.

Conduct a fair examination by following a transparent approach.

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