Proven Technology
Presenting the best video streaming, communication, Virtual Event Platform and surveillance services.

Latest Cutting-edge technology to fuel business with virtual and remote growth along with productivity

Our advanced technology is the reason behind our excellence and world-class services. We choose only the most innovative hardware and solutions to bring you assured business success. Our cutting-edge cloud architectures offer uncompromised reliability for our clients that include the Indian Government and the Election Commission. Our core technology and ancillary infrastructure make us the leader of the video surveillance and communication industry.

Core Technology

High Scalable cloud infrastructure to support more than 50000 or more concurrent stream across worldwide. Complete end to end technology for any devices like all branded smartphone, tablet, laptop desktop, OS. Mobile device management, State Of The Art Provisioning System with full automation. Fully robust and auto connecting apps with user friendly interface. High quality, high end robust technology that can be most effective on end users existing infrastructure and bandwidth. Streaming can be possible in any bandwidth from 20kbps to 5 mbps.

Cloud Technology

Cloud helps you eliminate worries and costs of maintaining on-premise servers. Our cloud servers are spread across countless locations to provide you uninterrupted surveillance. We use only the most reliable data centers to ensure the highest uptimes. You can always take advantage of real-time surveillance from multiple locations. Our cloud architecture also allows us to provide high-quality video communication services with full clarity of video and audio.

Simplified Global Cloud Video Streaming

Configure Professional Streams in Minutes

  • Configure streams easily with our Streaming Cloud GUI management portal.
  • Stream using a wide variety of protocols and codecs.
  • Transcode and transmux for a wide range of networks and devices.
  • Instantly create video-on-demand assets from your live streams.

Stream to Any Size Audience, Anywhere

  • Manage costs with pay-as-you-go, contract-free pricing.
  • Scale automatically to accommodate global audiences of any size.
  • Leverage industry-leading CDNs.

Leverage Advanced Features

  • 4K streaming for UHD, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Stream customization for full control of your message and brand.
  • Wide range of security options, including CDN token authorization and geoblocking.
  • Near real-time visibility into bandwidth consumption and number of viewers by region.