Epitome technology can automatically transrate the incoming stream to create streams of various bitrates and dynamically serve the right one to each viewer based on his or her bandwidth—giving audiences from Silicon Valley to Mount Everest the best-possible viewing experience.

Transcoding lets you realize huge savings in your live encoding workflow by minimizing hardware costs, onsite bandwidth issues, and infrastructure complexity. By moving heavy processing tasks from the input location to a cloud-based system or an offsite server, you no longer need to buy expensive heavy-duty hardware encoders. Instead, you can send a single encoded stream out and use Epitome transcoding to complete your workflow with a Epitome product or service.

Technical Specification

  • Host Interface: USB3.0, *300-350MB/s throughput, USB2.0, *40MB/s throughput
  • Input Interface: 1 HDMI interface
  • HDMI Video Input: 1 1080P/60HZ HD HDMI signal
  • HDMI Audio Input: 1 LPCM audio signal
  • HDMI Input Formats: It meets HDMI 1.4a standard and supports 1080p/60Hz 8-bit, (RGB, YUV)
  • Output Format: Up to 48KHz, 85db, 24-bit
  • Video Sampling Rate: HDMI: 165MHz
  • Audio and Video Capture: It meets the standards of UVC (USB video class) and UAC(USB audio class)
  • Output Color Space: YUY2, RGB24
  • Switch of Color Space: Hardware Color Switch
  • Image Scale: Hardware Scale
  • Image Adjustment: The image adjustment of brightness, contrast, hue, saturation
  • OS Support: Windows 7, 2008 R2, Linux, OS X (10.8 and above)
  • Software Compatibility: Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Real Producer Plus, VLC, QuickTime Broadcaster QuickTime Player, Wirecast
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